American Artist Zulienn was born mid summer of 1966 amid the rolling foothills of southeastern Greenbrier county; a tight-nit rural farming community in West Virginia. Zulienn spent his early childhood running in the cow pastures, wandering through the blackberry patches and playing under the walnut trees of his parents large farm. These are some of the fondest memories which are part of the influences Zulienn draws upon today. From first accounts, Zulienn was definitely artistically inclined at an early age as demonstrated by some rather large unsolicited murals which at the time, were most unappreciated by his mother and father. After graduating from the farmhouse walls, Zulienn became a wonder with pencil and paper. It became widely apparent of his early abilities by the many ribbons bestowed upon him by the local school. At the youthful age of twelve Zulienn began to paint with oils completing a replication of Rimbrants 'Man in a Black Hat' as his first attempt in oils.

The Paintings